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I am conducting various Hobby Courses since 30 years in Pune & before that used to conduct in Mumbai when I was residing there & probably before marriage. I have taken my hobbies as a career since I was young, and I always thought to excel in it & upgrade myself with time and upcoming art. I have not been very famous amongst Puneites as I have never advertised but through word of mouth have achieved recognition in Pune & amongst my community.
    Lately since five years we are conducting Summer Camps & workshops for children basically handled by my daughter who too keeps keen interest in such activities along with her career of Fashion Designing.
    My motive of this website is to promote such creativity onto others & to inculcate a strong sense of creativity in each one, to bring out their inner interests & develop various skills learning such courses.
    "We believe there is no age for learning", and if one wants to enhance their abilities at any point of life they can go ahead. During our teaching we make sure each individual gets proper knowledge of the particular course irrespective of the
duration of the course.
     The Hobby Hut! offers over 60 courses for crafters, hobbyists or for someone wanting to explore their creative talent.
We have all sorts of courses for just about anyone wanting to learn something new, having courses for a wide range of interests.
As you browse through our site you will see traditional as well as western hobby courses.
It’s never too late to explore your creativity. So go ahead and make a difference with your creativity out in open.
We feel the arts have a profound effect on the ability of our young people to learn and as a means to reach people with special needs.

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